Neon Department

The Alvey’s Signs in-house neon plant uses cutting-edge techniques to manufacture neon lettering and neon tubing in all colors and configurations. We create neon for production or custom runs, and we always comply with all Underwriters Laboratories regulations. We assure that all indoor and outdoor neon signs meet the UL 2161 rules for neon sign safety.

Our neon department also provides neon sign repair to help keep your business signs bright as new.

While some sign manufacturers hesitate to use neon in their products, Alvey’s Signs recognizes neon as a premier lighting element in all types of sign designs. Neon is a perfect partner with channel letter signs, providing the light within each letter in the sign. Another useful application for neon is to provide outline and back-lighting for other sign lettering and elements. Perhaps the most dramatic use of neon is creating the sign lettering itself with neon light, a classic neon sign effect. Alvey’s Signs makes the best use of any of these applications, and our use of neon lettering and lighting in all kinds of colors and configurations makes your business signs distinctive.

Neon is also often used as a decorative element in commercial buildings, aside from business building signs. Our Sales Representatives are happy to share some success stories of our neon sign and decoration applications with you and discuss how neon elements guarantee your custom indoor or outdoor neon signs are a spectacular addition to your business.