Both custom and production sign manufacturing at Alvey’s Signs are handled by two groups of professionals – Fabrication and Assembly – that each have specific roles in bringing sign design and engineering into reality.

Sign Fabrication

Using detailed drawings and specifications created by Alvey’s Signs’ engineers, our fabrication technicians build durable, high quality exterior signage structures for your outdoor business signs. Their work includes steel structural supports and framing and sheet metal siding for the longest-lasting large outdoor signs. The fabrication technicians build in quality and attention to detail as they complete the sign structure and add electrical and other required design components.

Sign Assembly

The fabricated pieces of your sign then are moved to the sign assembly area where our skilled workers assemble the sign. Our sign assembly technicians are also well trained electricians, qualified to install the electrical components of your sign and ensure that all wiring and connections are weather-tight, safe and durable. Your skillfully fabricated and assembled sign will stand up to all kinds of weather and continue to work for your business for many years

At Alvey’s Signs, our manufacturing processes adhere to the strictest quality control standards at every step, and you receive our quality guarantee on every sign project. Customer satisfaction is Alvey’s Signs’ most important goal.