Fabrication & Manufacturing

Sign manufacturing at Alvey’s Signs is in the skilled hands of our teams of fabrication and assembly workers who follow the drawings and specs provided by our design and engineering teams. Fabrication workers use the engineering plans to create the steel structural supports, iron framing, and sheet metal siding required for large scale signage projects. All construction is quality inspected to meet the requirements of the project. Sign assembly teams work with the fabricated sign components to complete construction of the sign. Assembly workers are also trained electricians who install the electrical components of your sign and ensure that all wiring and components are safe, weather proof, and easy to maintain. Throughout the manufacturing process, Alvey’s Signs’ fabrication and assembly workers depend on the skills of dedicated teams in our in-house specialty areas, such as the painting, neon, vacuum forming, and vinyl sign departments.

Quality control is built into every step in the fabrication and assembly processes for your sign project. Our quality processes ensure that your sign meets and exceeds requirements for function and aesthetics. Your high quality Alvey’s sign will be durable, weather-proof, colorful and bright from the first day of installation and for years to come.