Channel Lettering

Bright Light Channel Letter Signs

Alvey’s Signs’ fabrication and assembly workers create channel letter signs for all types of businesses. Illuminated with colorful neon or LED lighting, in an unlimited variety of “type face” designs, and including your logo, channel lettering creates a high-profile label for your business.

Durable, weather-resistant channel letter signs are manufactured with aluminum backing and Plexiglas® faces with neon or LED lighting installed within each letter. Letter style or “type face” is reflective of your business’ signature style, shape, and colors. Logos or visual elements can be included as additional channel lighted elements or added to your sign with printed vinyl components. Vacuum forming and embossing processes create striking added effects for the face of channel letter signs, providing depth and texture to your sign.

Installed as exterior signage on your building, channel letter signs create a high-profile identity for your business. And since letters are individually illuminated from within with colorful neon or LED lighting, your sign works for you day and night. As an option, your channel letter sign may be backlit with the lighting reflected off the building behind each letter for a dramatic and elegant effect. In fact, illumination with both front lighting and backlit effects creates an even more distinctive effect for your outdoor building signs. Alvey’s Signs also saves your business costs with energy-efficient additions to your channel letter signs. Installation of a photo cell automatically turns your lighted sign on at dusk to save you from having to remember to turn it on or off. And a high power factor transformer reduces electric use by as much as 50%.

Channel letter signs are ideal for commercial buildings and institutions and light up your location from high above street level. Channel letters are also popular for outdoor store fronts, providing street illumination and allowing your customers to easily locate you. In addition, channel letters are a popular sign style for indoor mall store fronts to promote the store location and draw customer attention.

Let an Alvey’s Signs sales representative show you how channel letter signs will work hard for your business. Channel letter signs give your business high visibility and a distinctive appearance.